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 Our Trilofone is made out of an a 300 million year old Trilobite from Morocco. Trilobite's are a fossil group of extinct marine arthropods.  They were one of the most successful early animals, out and about for close to 270 million years.  Wow.  At Mofone, we obviously thought it would make perfect sense to make one into a phone.  They look really creppy when you place them face down on the table at a restaurant.  

Product Specifications

  • Equipped with a 2 part iphone case for the 4/4S, 1 part removable silicone, 1 part ABS case
  • Made with a genuine Trilobite
  • Superior iphone protection
  • Immediately become a fashion Icon/look super weird and creepy
  • If you wish to order this design, please contact us directly.  We would be happy to get one started for you, but we only make these to order.  Thanks!

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