Mofones are available at Urban Outfitters, select Nordstrom stores and now through our own store.

Mofones are artist designed iphone accessories that are usually wacky, oversized, and nostalgic for the good old days when technology was bulky and significantly cooler.  Mofones are fitted with a special iPhone case, one part ABS plastic, and one part removable silicone, which locks onto the Mofone and attaches it to the unit.  All products can then be snapped into and out of the case so customers can mix and match their Mofones based on their moods.
Mofones are ornamental and the iPhone functions otherwise exactly the same. The Mofone creates superior grip when texting and offers increased comfort, allowing the user to hold the phone on their shoulder just like the good old days.


Mofone has always been about reimagining functionality and fashion, said designer and Mofone CEO Morrisa Maltz. These affordable accessories allow me to bring my vision to the masses and are just the first in what will be a large offering from Mofones.
Mofone was founded by Los Angeles artist Morrisa Maltz to take the mobile accessory and turn it into a work of art. Her products were available on her website and garnered a select following of tastemakers. Spotted by a buyer for Urban Outfitters, what started as an art project for a select few is now available to everyone who wants to bring fun and whimsy into their everyday lives. Mofones uses oversized and usually ridiculous artist made designs, tapping into the history of technology, to create our products. Mofone's is a completely artist run company and employs artists in all departments as part of its creative strategy.
MoFones have been made possible with the support of many amazing friends, family, and strange acquaintances.


Thanks for visiting our site! Mofones are available at Urban Outfitters, select Nordstrom stores and now through our own store. Take a look around and find the right Mofone for you!

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