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 Our Bananafone is nutritious and wholesome.  Great for a snack when you’re on the run… who doesn’t love a banana? Clearly, a Mofone was needed that included one of the most popular fruits in all of fruit eating. 

*This line of fruit and bread Mofones was commissioned by MOCA, Los Angeles in conjunction with the Urs Fischer show April 2013 as well as for a series of Mofone Emotional Moment Performances 



Product Specifications

  • Comes with genuine leather iphone 4/4S or 5 case
  • Superior iphone protection
  • Immediately become a fashion icon
  • Unique, one of a kind design
  • Super healthy, lots of potassium

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Thanks for visiting our site! Mofones are available at Urban Outfitters, select Nordstrom stores and now through our own store. Take a look around and find the right Mofone for you!

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