Our Stonefone, is made out of 51 million year old Limestone sedimentary layers from the Green River formation in Wyoming.  Mofones worked with GeoDecor,, for this particular collection of  Mofones.  The left over Limestone from fossil fish and turtle digs has kindly been given to Mofone to create the toughest cases you’ll find!  

Product Specifications:

  • Boast you have an iphone case that’s 51 million years old
  • Handcarved, Made out of 100% Limestone
  • Comes equipped with a 2 part iphone 4/4S case.  1 part removable silicone, 1 part ABS plastic case
  • Hard as ROCK because it is a rock

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Thanks for visiting our site! Mofones are available at Urban Outfitters, select Nordstrom stores and now through our own store. Take a look around and find the right Mofone for you!

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